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Be informed; stay informed.

A lot of information is available to members through Grandview…
Upcoming events are posted there and more (and on our Facebook group…see below).

You’ll want to log in to Grandview and sign up for email notifications at a minimum!

If you’re not in Grandview yet… here’s how:

Grand View Procedure

Video link:

Step 1. Enter the URL for your jurisdiction (i.e., go to

Step 2. Click on Member Portal (or skip Step 1 and just go here…)

Step 3. Click on Member Registration

Step 4. Enter your Lodge Number (162)

Step 5. Enter your Member ID (on your dues card)

Step 6. Enter your Last Name – (case sensitive… Jones, not jones or JONES, for example… proper capitalization)

Step 7. Click on Check Membership Status

Step 8. Enter your email address

Step 9. Enter a password that you can remember (password must contain at least 8 characters)

Step 10.
 Enter Confirmation by entering password again

Step 11. Click on Submit


We also have a Facebook Group (for members only – we do verify who asks to join).
If you want to join us on Facebook group (membership was recently purged… we’re starting over, fresh) so just do a search for “Albert Pike Lodge #162” to find our group and request to join…



Here’s some information from the MASONIC CHARITY FOUNDATION…

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