Dues & Donations

Members can now pay their dues online!


You can make donations when we “pass the hat” online as well...and when we have a dinner, you can order your meal here!

Dues for our Lodge are currently a mere $90/year...however, so that the Lodge realizes this amount, for this “convenience” (and you all asked for it and it is merely an OPTION... you do NOT have to pay your dues in this manner), your card will be charged $93.00 for your dues

First thing...enter your name in the space provided above the “Pay Now” button and then click the “Pay Now” button and follow the instructions you will thereafter receive.

Dues notices for 2014 were sent out several months ago; if you did not receive one, please contact the Secretary because your address must be outdated...if you don’t wish to use this option, you can opt to pay by mail ($50 sent to PO Box 1032, Guthrie, OK 73044).  Dues for 2014 were $50 and there still are a few members who owe this...Dues for 2015 are due by 12/31/14 and are now $90 per year...

If you’re here to donate to a cause or event, please realize and understand that 2.9% of what you give (plus 30 cents) will not be realized by the Lodge or the purpose for which your donation is given...  If that’s what you’re here for, THANK YOU (first and foremost), but please use the DONATE button (when it’s available) below for your transaction.  When we are passing the hat, a button will be placed here...and only at that time for specific purposes (each button will track the amounts for each “event” because we would have to report any events over a certain threshold so we can’t just keep it open all the time).  If you don’t see a button here at this time, you now know why. 

Looking for paying for a Perpetual Membership?  That is NOT done here via your credit card...  Ask the Secretary for a Perpetual Membership application and fill it out...it goes directly to the Grand Lodge to be processed with either your payment OR your credit card information on that form.  And Perpetual Memberships ARE a good idea for you AND for the future of our Lodge!  Thank you, again, and a big thank you also to those Perpetual Members who are “adding to” their perpetual accounts this year!

2014  were due before 12/31/13...
2015 dues are now payable.

There was an increase in dues from 2014 to 2015